Mama Tried, a novel by Kathy Des Jardins

Kathy Des Jardins’ first novel, Mama Tried, which was released April 13, 2022, can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, KOBO, Scribd and other fine retailers.

Mama Tried is awarded the 2023 Georgia Author of the Year Award Finalist (Second Place)- First Novel!!!

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“I hope yore sittin’ down,” her mother blared into the phone, instantly opening Joy’s eyes and blanketing her in panic.

“I’m lying down,” she said, checking the bedside clock. “I do that at two thirty-seven in the morning.”

“I know what time it is,” Quida Raye snapped. “I just thought you might like to know Doyle’s in jail and it’s a miracle I’m not, too.”

Joy sprang up in bed. Doyle was in jail? Had they run over someone? It was her worst fear, the thought of her mother hurtling through the night, a tawny, heatseeking missile shot from charred, mangled metal. If there had been a wreck, Joy realized with some degree of relief, at least she was still alive.

What happened?”

“They got him for grand theft,” her mother said.

What?” Joy heard a quick gulp of breath, nicotine nerves rushing to neurons near and far. Not even that steadied her mother’s voice when she spoke again.

“Joy Faye, you know full well that truck we’ve been drivin’ is stolen property.”

She said this as if stating actual fact, as if stealing an eighteen-wheeler was a minor maternal detail that had simply slipped her daughter’s mind. Joy Savoy knew what brand of beanie weenies her mother preferred. She was pretty sure, even jolted from a sound sleep, she would have recalled some mention of a snatched semi.