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2023 Georgia Author of the Year - First Novel - Finalist (Second Place) - Mama Tried by Kathy Des Jardins

Kathy Des Jardins is awarded the 2023 Georgia Author of the Year
Finalist Award for First Novel!!!

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Award-winning writer releases first novel!

Kathy Des Jardins

Kathy Des Jardins announces the release of her first novel, Mama Tried. Winner of nearly 100 national, regional and state journalism awards during her years as a newspaper reporter, columnist and editor, Des Jardins’ new book is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, KOBO, Scribd and other fine retailers, including a fabulous independent Atlanta-area bookstore, Bookmiser.

You can also download a Kindle version on Amazon,

‘Mama Tried’ summary

Disc jockey Joy Faye Savoy plays country songs written about women like her mother, the comely, exasperating Quida Raye Perkins. When Joy treats her audience to good-natured gripes about her big-haired and bossy mother, who’s known to hitch rides in semi trucks, she is shocked to find herself syndicated…with one catch—she must keep poking fun at feisty Quida Raye.

Joy makes the best of small-town stardom despite big-time baggage, a load not lightened by hunky co-workers or her overbearing best friend until true love strikes. She finally hears in those old melodies what she and her mother have had in common all along—yesterday, with its shared memories of happiness and tragedy…and they know all the words by heart.